Time to stop pretending

First NPR, now NBC. I’m not surprised, but the more things like this happen, the more idiotic the business of professional journalism appears.

Liberal MSNBC commentator Keith Olbermann sent campaign contributions to three candidates, hid it due to NBC rules, got found out, and today was suspended indefinitely by NBC.

How can anybody not understand why the American public thinks we’re untrustworthy?

This is all the fruit of organizations trying to preserve the ridiculous notion of objectivity in the face of mounting evidence of its silliness. Being fair has nothing to do with pretending to be sterile; it’s the opposite. And the public damn well knows it. Perhaps Olbermann shouldn’t have hidden his deeds, but I can hardly blame him.

Jeff Jarvis says it’s time to “stop hiding,” and I couldn’t agree with him more. I’d say it’s also time to stop pretending. Can’t we see that? Transparency, that’s what we need. A little honest transparency would make amends for the offenses listed in the sacred canons that force us into this twisted knot.

Perhaps something good will come out of this, because, like Juan Williams, Keith Olbermann is not likely to be kept quiet. Hell, we don’t WANT him kept quiet.

Sometimes I just want to barf over the insane behavior of my colleagues.


  1. A wise man once told me that “transparency is the new objectivity.”

    Hey — that wise man was YOU!

  2. It’s hard to see any equivalence between Olbermann and Williams though. Olbermann is transparently a liberal commentator, not an impartial and objective journalist. When I watch Olbermann’s show, it’s because I expect to hear that slant. MSNBC is not NPR — by a long shot, and writing a check to a candidate is not like saying something bigoted on the air.

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