This is brilliant…

…and the way of the future. It’s called SmarTrailer, Disney’s new interactive online movie trailer concept. MediaDailyNews reports that the online trailer for the November Disney film, National Treasure, debuted on Yahoo! Movies Monday.

Oren Aviv, president of marketing for Buena Vista Pictures Marketing, called the new interactive trailer “the perfect marriage of technology infrastructure and content.”

“We obviously think because this movie appeals to everyone, a lot of folks will learn about it online. We’re big fans of online marketing; it’s a great way to reach people,” Aviv said, adding that “National Treasure” marks one of the unit’s more aggressive uses of online marketing. He declined to elaborate on a dollar figure for online media.

What we have here is a natural useage of the Web to sell a product. It doesn’t force itself on users. It allows users to interact. It’s portable and can be spread via email. This is the nature of advertising’s future.

Here’s the trailer.

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