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Three years ago today. I pause to remember. A life. A love.

A Patch On My Soul (2006)

I face each morrow with a sense of great sorrow
That cannot be spoken away.
For no hope can I find any place in my mind
That will make this great loss seem okay.

From whence can I hide, or find words to describe
The emptiness that greets me each day.
When only I find a pillow next to mine,
The place where her head used to lay.

She’s gone and it’s perished, this thing that we cherished,
This love that we both knew would last.
For those lips I once kissed are now but a mist
In a place far outside of my grasp.

At the front of my mind, she’s there every time
Whether thinking of that thing or this.
With no wish to escape, I embrace this sad fate
‘Cause at least in my mind she exists.

Like a moth on a screen, there’s something between
What I want and what I may possess.
The light beckons me, but I cannot break free,
No matter how hard that I press.

So when death sings its tune, be it later or soon,
To her arms I will run once again,
That thought I can seize, but explain to me, please,
How I live in this world until then.

They say time will heal this pain that I feel
That one day I’ll find myself whole.
And that may be true, but between me and you
It’ll be with a patch on my soul.


  1. Beautiful. As was she.

  2. dot tilde dot says

    i can hear a guitar and a beautiful voice sing this as a song. thanks for sharing!


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