The more things change, the more they stay the same

Today, I’m going back to my writing roots here to publish a piece about an old and favorite topic, the refusal of institutions — in this case television (broadcasting) — to innovate new businesses that will keep them relevant throughout the digital disruption. This is an old topic for me, and my position hasn’t won me any friends in the industry, because nobody likes to hear that their baby is ugly. Believe me, this one is really repulsive, but sales people are still trained to show the toothy nerds as cute as the dickens. Koochie-koo!

This is especially true with video advertising, once considered the great hope of broadcasting. But online video advertising just hasn’t lived up to its industry-rescuing hyperbole, and it’s caused a lot of players to, um, stretch the truth when it comes to their sales’ claims. Enjoy.

Online Video Advertising is a Fool’s Errand

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