There launches today AMP#151; Postmoderns rejoice

There launches today — Postmoderns rejoice
The virtual world, There, officially launched today after months of beta testing, and it’s a concept that bears watching closely. For the uneducated, There is a gathering place where people can try out identities, make friends, play games, shop, and just hang out. As Time notes, “Plenty of activities are available — dune-buggy racing, dog training, jet packing — but don’t confuse There with a video game. Nobody’s keeping score. It’s more like a massive playdate. Everything from the cute Toy Story-style graphics to the clothing stores where characters can dress up in the latest fashions (provided courtesy of Levi’s and Nike) is designed to give you something to chat about.” There is only for Windows PC users and requires a fairly high-end processor. When the $37 million start-up opened for testing in January, the innovators were hoping for a user base of 2,000. They were overwhelmed.

This company is at the center of Postmodernism and its significance has not gone unnoticed by the deep pockets of major retailers who find the virtual shopping experience useful for brand advertising. This is the Age of Participation, and There allows people to experience life at yet another “connected” level. And within this virtual world, there are tribes — each with leaders and participatory experts, whom the advertisers are especially trying to snare. If I owned any of the major media companies, I’d be on the phone today to have my company’s name involved somehow in how announcements and activities are shared within the virtual world. The NBC peacock and chimes, for example, could be as much a part of the every day experience as those Nike AirMax2003 unisex shoes. Sigh. Is anybody listening?

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