The year’s first “must read”

It’s the first Monday of the year, and it usually produces little in the way of really good reading material. But here’s one. George Simpson’s wonderful satire on a technology-centric family made up of Mom, Dad, Jr., Sis and Kevin (the dog).

Interestingly, in all the prognostication I’ve pondered thus far, none has shined a light on the most likely development: the end of all face-to-face human interaction. Yes, this is the year that technology will enable us to live within the same house without ever seeing one another…

…It starts innocently enough. Since Mom and Dad are at work much of the day, they sent IMs to the kids to ask how school was and to see if anyone has fed Kevin. Nobody has (again)–so they set up a dog blog to keep track of if and when Kevin eats and is let out to do his business (which includes barking at the deer.) Within days, a PR rep from Purina enters the blog and tries to subtly talk up an upscale new dog food. He is ignored.

Simpson is a brilliant writer and one of the funniest people on the Web. One of the reasons he’s so damned funny is that he cuts close to home. Welcome to the New Year.

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