The world could use Bobby Jones today

The world could use Bobby Jones today.
Before Americans came to believe that life was about what you could get out of it, before greed was good, before cheating to get ahead was fashionable, before Enron and Exxon and Martha Stewart, before victim status became profitable, before baseball strikes and hockey lock-outs, before political correctness, before the assumption of guilt, before businesses sued their customers, before their customers stole from them, before Internet bubbles and pandemic selfishness, there was Bobby Jones.

I went to see the movie Bobby Jones: A Stroke of Genius this afternoon. It opened yesterday, and I wanted to see it, so my girlfriend and I went to the first matinée. I already knew the story, but the film was wonderful. Jim Caviezel’s performance as Jones is solid, but I really enjoyed Jeremy Northam as Walter Hagen and Malcolm McDowell as O.B. Keeler, sportswriter, mentor and friend.

But the sad thing was that there were perhaps 10 people in the theater. Revenge, action, sex and idiocy films were packed. Most reviewers have trashed the film, but I think they miss the point — probably because they’re not golfers. This film will die on the vine at a time when people need to hear its message…

…of a man who stood for things like honor, integrity and character.

Things we need a whole lot more of today.

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