The window is closing (although it doesn’t appear so)

New sites launch every day, and I don’t normally make a big deal out of that. However, the launch today of Travelistic warrants a comment. Created by Nicholas Butterworth, the former head of MTVi and CEO of pioneering music site SonicNet, Travelistic wants to be the YouTube of travel, a hybrid of user-generated videos (share your vacation) and professionally produced material.

The reason I want to reference this event is that I have discussed this very concept with various media companies, along with a host of others that I would consider “low-hanging fruit,” especially at the local level. Smart people outside the mainstream will continue to snap up these ideas and remove them from the range of possibilities currently open to existing media companies. This is Media 2.0, folks, and the window of opportunity will not last forever.


  1. invitedmedia says

    the name is at least relevant to the content.

    i just got an email this morning from a friend of a friend who “invited” me to join

    i may just have to re-think that “friend” thing.

  2. Terry, you’re right. Here’s another one. Imagine if web-surfers knew their local television portal had access to great information like this?

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