The Web gets into TV

Here’s a chilling (if you’re in TV) story from The New York Times with details on Web companies getting into the online TV business. The story looks at TheKnot.COM, a site devoted to weddings. The site hosts a 24/7 stream of wedding programs, although not in a video-on-demand (VOD) form. To observers, it falls under the category of “experimentation.”

Experimentation is not such a bad idea in current market conditions, Mr. Cassar (Ken Cassar, an analyst with the Internet consultancy Nielsen/NetRatings)said. “There’s a fairly significant appetite among publishers and advertisers to be on the leading edge,” he said. “So if these efforts don’t really amount to anything, if nothing else companies will have put themselves in a position in advertisers’ minds that they’re willing to take chances, which, for a lot of advertisers, may be appealing.”
This will only continue, folks, and it’s one of the reasons I continue to harp at local stations to get there first. How many great local programming ideas fall by the wayside for lack of good air time? You can track downloads and provide highly specific “ratings” over time. Just because it doesn’t make a fortune to begin with doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get there first.

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