The Weather Channel — Who Knew?

So Landmark is selling the Weather Channel for $5 billion. They’ll get it, of course.

I remember when the channel started and how friggin’ awful it was. I also remember that the consensus among colleagues was that it would never work. After all, who would want their weather from an operation in Atlanta? This is typical of the historical arrogance of many television types, who said the same thing about CNN and cable in general, and now the Weather Channel is a serious online competitor for the local weather brand.

The problem with living on a pedestal is that oxygen deprivation influences your thinking.


  1. The secret to the Weather Channel’s success was how creative and aggressive they were in the first decade at creating value for advertisers. I remember reading comments from CEO that they had to buy a schedule even though it wasn’t perhaps the natural fit that other media outlets offered. It was that so much value was offered (editorial created to run next to the client’s message, for example).

    Another example of not operating in an ivory tower.

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