The view from here

So here I am in Seattle at Gnomedex5. For those unfamiliar, this is THE gathering of geeks on the planet (smile when you say that). Actually, it’s more than that. These are the folks who are driving tomorrow’s disruptive technologies. I’m on a panel tomorrow about the future of media.

I’m reading an interesting book called “WHAT THE DORMOUSE SAID, How the 60s Counterculture Shaped the Personal Computer Industry.” It chronicles the life and times of the people who developed what we now take for granted, and I get a sense of that kind of history here.

I’m also getting to spend some time with Harry Hayes of Sausage Software, a man and a company with which I’ll be doing a lot of business downstream (already am). Harry was kind enough to pay for my hotel room, and I thought you’d enjoy the view.

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