The video sharing boom (pay attention, broadcasters)

Here’s a must-read and bookmark article that’s packed with information about video sharing sites. It’s the best and most useful compilation of data about this fast-growing space that I’ve seen, and I highly recommend it.

The article and all the support graphs and charts are the work of Phil Harvey, news editor of Light Reading, the Website hosting the data. He writes:

Among other things, 2006 will be remembered as the year online video really became something you share, not just something you log onto and watch.

Sure, there will always be a place for viral videos that get emailed to dozens of friends and coworkers. I mean, who ever gets tired of watching a cat flush a toilet or seeing a skateboarder render himself infertile?

But the sheer volume of video sharing sites that have come online in the past 18 months suggests that the online video trend won’t be confined to something people do to entertain themselves on a coffee break. To wit, hundreds of thousands of consumers are beginning to share video online, and that’s having a profound impact on how much bandwidth is consumed and how broadband providers make money.

To which I can only add a hearty “amen” and the advice that local media companies NEED to get into this business, or they will find themselves only content providers in a world of radical distribution (to say nothing of re-edited and rebundled).

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