The Two Stages of Journalism

Here is the latest in the ongoing series of essays, “Local Media in a Postmodern World.”

The Two Stages of Journalism

Much is being written about the future of journalism in the wake of disruptive innovations to both the business model and the practice of journalism itself. It’s confusing, to say the least, until we start to view the processes of the trade in two different stages: the act of gathering the news and the presentation of what we find. Both are in disruption, but in different ways, and the wise future planner will consider them separately. Making public the gathering of the news – what we call “Continuous News” – can be separated from the publishing of finished accounts, and this opens opportunities in all areas.


  1. Excellent article.

  2. understanding journalism course depends majorly in ones ability to distinguish between the stages of journalism which according to my opinion are only two:the first one deals with the collection of data;the second one is the main core and is the presentation of the collecteddata through audio or visual

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