The state of citizen journalism

Dan Gillmor, who wrote the book on the subject, has an excellent status report on the state of citizen media that’s well worth the read. A portion:

We’ve come a long way. There’s a growing recognition and appreciation of why citizen journalism matters. Investments, from media organizations and others, are fueling experiments of various kinds. Revenue models are taking early shape. And, most important, there’s a flood of great ideas.

But we have a long, long way to go. We need much more experimentation in journalism and community information projects. The business models are, at best, uncertain — and some notable failures are discouraging. Dealing with the issues of trust, credibility and ethics is essential; as are more tools and training, including a dramatically updated notion of media literacy.

Dan gives ten points, each of which are their own “story.” Must read, IMO.


  1. Dear Readers,

    Dan Gillmor perfectly explained the significance and the mission of journalism citizen. The ten developed points try to give a direction to the existence of this kind of journalism. From the question of ethics to the recognition of this precursor media, the work encourages us to reflect on the evolution of the communication. I advise you particularly to read the chapter on the principles to respect when data is processed!

    Best Regards,

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