The squirrel photo of the decade

Captions anyone?

Piffy and the squirrel


  1. “I’ll trade you all these nifty seeds for thirty minutes inside your air-conditioned palace.…”

  2. You need to get a “real job”. Hadn’t seen your blog in 6 months and was shocked at the realization that you’d remarried and then lost Allie so suddenly. Read all your threads about her and was unbelievably touched. My mother just died in the beginning of May and I’ve been a little lost since then.

    I can’t begin to imagine how much it hurts but I am glad to see that you’re ahead in the world. Liked very much your positions on the change in TV/Biz. I see it from the other end being in technology. We are working with Philips trying to push their new IP Set top Boxes. Have been to Korea, Russia, England and this technology that finally is a two way tube is changing it all. Some time remind me to tell you what happened when I pitched two way comm to Knology (via IP). It was exactly everything you write about. They don’t get it.

    Keep the faith and congratulations on your acq with AR&D. I know it can’t fill up what’s been taken away.


  3. Can’t a guy take a shower?!”

  4. Fergus Pitt says

    [From the critter outside]
    Is that you flickr? but but but, you’re really big now.

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