The sky falls on this day next year.

Doc Searls notes that we’re one year away from 06/06/06. Surely, the sky will fall on that day. Mark my words. We’ll see an increase in “Rapture” energy this time next year.

A lot of friends think I should write a book about my days with Pat, and perhaps I will one day. I have so many anecdotes about this type of culture — some profound, some silly, and some frightening. One day, one of my reporter/producers came to my office and asked to borrow a camera to “shoot something personal.” He said the camera would only be gone for a half hour and that the “shoot” would take place on the grounds of CBN. Being responsible for such things and being a curious fellow, I probed. He held up his hand, where one finger was missing. It had been removed in some sort of accident.

“I want to document this, so we can use it when God grows it back.”

One of the top executives of the ministry sat with him on a bench outside as he went through the story of losing the finger. The guy had faith that it would be restored.

I don’t think it’s happened yet.

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