The satisfying act of sharing

Alex Rowland doesn’t blog as much as he used to (or should — take that, Alex), but when he does, it’s usually a worthwhile read. This morning he writes about the vanity of sharing your life online, or is it more than that?

Many do these things for fame and self-aggrandizement, but I think the reason for most share their lives is that the simple act of sharing information for most humans is a very pleasant activity.

I think this is an evolutional trait of human beings. We are genetically programmed to enjoy the process of passing along experience and information to others. The web has just enabled this to become a much larger part of many people’s lives. It’s magnified the pleasure of sharing because you can share with so many people at the same time. It’s more subtle and less sinister than fame, but actually more powerful.

It gives me great hope for the future of our emerging civilization.

Me too, Alex. Me too.

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