The Remarkable Opportunities of Unbundled Media

This is the 51st essay in the series “TV News in a Postmodern World,” and it’s the beginning of a new drift in the series. That’s because I firmly believe that the creation of all news in our increasingly postmodern world will be unbundled — that is to say disconnected from the “packaging” of the media we currently offer. Therefore, I view discussions about anything other than unbundled media to be increasingly irrelevant, and I want to devote my time to what I view as most important. Future essays will likely assume knowledge presented in this one.

Some people call this “media 2.0,” but that term conjures the MBA-speak of a bubble to me. I’ll call it simply “unbundled media.”

The disruptive technologies of the personal media revolution produce unbundled media, and that’s one of its value propositions. Mainstream media is playing with it by an occasional toe dip into the pond, but we will never discover what’s really possible in so doing. We have to let go of the bundle before that can happen, because the bundle blinds us to the new reality.

The most important quote of the 21st century (so far) came last year from then FCC Chairman, Michael Powell. “Application separation,” he noted, “is the most important paradigm shift in the history of communications, and it will change things forever.” I would argue that application separation at the macro level enables application separation at the micro level, and this is what I mean by unbundled media.

The Remarkable Opportunities of Unbundled Media

I appreciate the support you’ve shown in the three years I’ve been exploring the new media world via these essays, and I hope you’ll join me now in this new adventure.

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