The real birth of Internet TV

The Web is abuzz with activity over the AOL and Warner Brothers announcement that they will join to deliver old television shows via the Web beginning next year. Over 300 hours of old programming, including shows like “Welcome Back Kotter” will be available for free download via the new service, which will be called In2TV. The programs will be accompanied by four 15-second streaming ads, and AOL is projecting 4 million advertising impressions a month for advertisers–as much as a small cable channel.

This is the birth of Internet television, in my opinion. Read the PaidContent report for links on the technology being used, because it makes possible the viewing of these shows on your living room’s TV via, for example, Microsoft’s upcoming XBox360. These may be old programs, but that’s irrelevant.

Here’s some recommended reading:

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  1. Hmmm…I hope this is just a beginning before they broadcast new shows. Can’t say I’m really interested in watching Alf.

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