The Postmodern Journalist

Here’s the latest in my ongoing series of essays, Local Media in a Postmodern World.

The Postmodern Journalist

As the nature of media continues to evolve, questions of what news will be like in the future continue to spark debate. We have clarity in some areas – such as the shift to real time flows and streams – but other aspects are yet to be uncovered. Those of you who’ve followed my work over the years know that I believe a cultural change driven by a technologically-empowered bottom is what’s underway, and this essay examines – with a degree of specificity – what it will take to be a journalist in this new era. To me, the signs are everywhere, and evidence such as new data from Gallup about trust in institutions needs to be considered as something other than a momentary glitch in the progress of the West. I hope you enjoy and consider this piece thought-provoking at the very least.

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