The PoMo blog, circa 2004

Christmas is over, and it’s time to take stock, so I thought we’d have a little fun with statistics today. The subject? This blog!

I started writing this in the summer of 2003, so this is really the first year I can look back on how it has “performed.” Of course, that means digging out mass marketing tools, and you know how I feel about that. I’m not trying to “market” the blog in any way, so I’m not high on Technorati’s list. I don’t think A‑list/B‑list is what the blogosphere is about anyway, and Technorati’s measurement is links. Anyway, here are some interesting numbers from 2004.

1,200 visitors a day

Most-read blog entries:

The reach of viral video 294,691 views— This entry was linked to by Instapundit, which shows you the power of a mention from one of the top blogs in the “sphere.” Other blogs picked up the link, and the rest is history.
Gallup questions reveal CBS fallout 6,643 views — This is another entry that was picked up by many other bloggers.

Most-read essays:

I’m most gratified here that many of these were written in 2003, which reveals another interesting aspect of the Web and blogs — the library-like nature of stored and organized publications. I suspect people will still be reading these essays years from now. I’d also like to note here that some of this work is being used by Universities around the country, which is extremely gratifying to a guy like me.

  1. The Defensive Newsroom 4,794 readers
  2. News Is A Conversation 2,985 readers
  3. The Busine$$ of RSS 2,612 readers
  4. Local TV’s New Deadlines 2,069 readers
  5. The Future is Multimedia 1,969 readers
  6. The Genius of OhmyNews! 1,923 readers
  7. The Live Coverage Revolution 1,570 readers
  8. The Challenge of Advertising 1,537 readers
  9. News Anchors:
    An Endangered Species
    1,492 readers
  10. TV’s Four New Media Mistakes 1,333 readers

My writing has slowed a bit due to actual paid work, but I hope to continue to observe and journal media events — especially as they relate to Postmodernism — as long as I’m able. To all of you, thank you very much for keeping me straight and for reading this blog. May 2005 bring you peace and prosperity.

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