The podfather goes static

Staci Kramer (she’ll be at BlogNashville this weekend) notes today in Paid Content that Adam Curry’s (the podfather) new show on Sirius radio has a problem. The idea is pretty cool — a four-hour talk show that uses podcasts to generate the discussion. Curry is certainly the right guy to do this kind of program, and he’ll never run short of content, thanks to the growing legion of podcasters out there. But the program will be sponsored, and they’ll run ads — and this is where it gets tricky.

This raises a number of issues including compensation for the podcasters, copyright, licensing. It’s one thing to create a podcast using music and other copyrighted material to share in a low-key way with a relatively small audience; it’s another when it becomes part of the commercial universe. Then there’s the effect on the genre — until now podcasting has been defined as something the listener can take with them. Between Infinity and Sirius, it’s being transformed into — gasp — static radio.
So here we have a case of a Postmodern, bottom-up phenomenon coming in contact with a Modernist, top-down institution. Staci’s right. This is a problem, and it will always be THE problem of the world of aggregation.

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