The personal media revolution in one picture

This amazing picture is worth more than a thousand words I could write about how much things have changed in just a few short years. How many potential citizen journalists here? Everybody. UPDATE: Ryan rightly notes in the comments that this was at the Youth Ball.

Nobody is watching. They are all taking pictures and making videos


  1. Wow, that does show how accessible technology is today, and how easy everyone can now “own” a piece of an experience…

  2. Note this was at the Youth Ball…

  3. Great observation, Ryan.

  4. The revolution won’t be televised, however, it will be on Flickr.

  5. Do we still use the word “meta” or are we hung up on the word “social ____” now?

  6. Hmm…
    If I was there, I would have my camera pointed somewhere no one elso was looking.

    Thanks for sharing


  1. […] The personal media revolution in one picture I noticed this too. There are a lot of people with cameras these days. (tags: technology citizenjournalism) […]

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