The path to progress runs through innovation

Rafat Ali over at PaidContent highlights a great paragraph from a free Wall St. Journal interview with new Disney CEO Bob Iger. He’s talking about why ABC did their deal with Apple on video downloads.

“Firstly, we’ll learn more about consumer behavior and using new technology in a new window with different pricing. Secondly, I really wanted to use it as a catalyst to get the company thinking more about breaking with tradition and following the consumer. Interestingly enough, nothing has done more to reignite the company than this deal. It almost has created more value for the company than the deal itself.
This revelatory statement is exactly what I’ve been trying to deliver to my clients, and I’m delighted to see it from a guy like Iger. It’s amazing how eager and capable broadcast employees are to think creatively, and it’s equally amazing how this is stifled by the obstinate refusal of managers to think beyond this quarter’s spreadsheet. Survival is at stake, folks, and in this one bold move, Iger shifted his company to the energy stream of tomorrow. Unbundled media is the new paradigm.

“Following the consumer.” Who knew?

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