The past week never happened

Me in the hospitalThere is a form of stasis that takes place when you’ve been in the hospital for a week. Life stands still for the patient, while it carries on just fine in the real world. And so it is that I’ve returned to my office to discover an RSS reader way too full for me to skim, much less read, and more voice mails than I’ve ever experienced. I’m marking all the feeds as “read” and turning the page on the past week.

For all I know or care, it didn’t exist. All those newsletters that I got, all those feeds, all that work by so many people, and it’s all just wasted effort for me. The week just didn’t happen.

Ouch!Of course, I know it did. I’ve been watching TV non-stop and I’m sick of Bret Farve, Michael Phelps, the Cubs, Manny, and anything else served up by ESPN during the past week.

And while I’m here, let me complain about NBC’s restrictions on Olympics video. In today’s world, it’s ridiculous to embargo video and restrict its use the way it has been done in the past. I haven’t watched squat in terms of NBC’s coverage, and I was in a friggin’ hospital! But I do expect to see those highlights on ESPN or even my local news, so here’s the question for the Olympic Committee: is not the restricting of video a net liability for the future of the Olympics? If nobody (relatively speaking) watches real-time (can you say “DVR”), then is it not a net loss in presenting these off-the-mainstream sports to the people of the world? It’s all about the money.

So here I am at my desk pain free for the first time since August 6th. I have a ureteric stent that helps drain my left kidney while my body tries to figure out what to do with the stone pieces. The doctors moved it back into the kidney and blasted it again yesterday afternoon, and we’re hopeful I’ll pass the fragments.

As for the last week, if anything important happened, please drop a note in the comments.

UPDATE: In the comments, old pal tdc says the photo of me in the hat reminds him of a famous chef. Nice.


  1. Awwww, you look so…pitiful…and rightly so! I hope you feel better QUICKLY!

  2. One thing that happened last week. We missed you. Get well soon.

  3. you really do make that hat look good!

    it reminded me of someone from the past… please click tdc.

    hpe you feel better you old spaghetti bender!

  4. tdc beat me to it but I thought you looked like an Italian painter, you know the guy that paints the dogs playing poker. Heal fast, we miss you when you’re gone.

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