The online video boom

The online video market is predicted (by Jupiter) to rise by a factor of five by 2009, but it may happen even sooner. That’s why this is such an important space to watch. On the Viewpoint acquisition of Unicast this week, Mark Naples writes for MediaPost:

For my money, what this acquisition means goes beyond even such tactical concerns as becoming a one-stop shop for brands and agencies that want all their interactive needs met under one roof. This deal tells me loud and clear that the consolidation to be watched in the next year is not between and among companies in our space; it’s between video content on sites and video content in ads online, with an eye toward video content on television and even in theaters. Watch the companies that can deliver the quality of video that we expect in broadcast to the desktop for premium brands and within interactive video ads served online.
Mark’s right (he usually is). The deal will accelerate the number of companies that advertise on television coming to the Web.

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