The new word in Presidential politics — blog

The new word in Presidential politics — blog
According to Wired’s Lawrence Lessig, “Whether or not it elects the next President, the blog may be the first innovation from the Internet to make a real difference in election politics.” This wonderful
article contains some valuable insight from Joe Trippi, Howard Dean’s campaign manager.

You will absolutely suffocate anything that you’re trying to do on the Internet by trying to command and control it.
The Dean campaign has built a community based on blogs, and this is entirely new in the world of presidential politics. Lessig writes, “The lesson of the Dean campaign so far is that community can’t be broadcast. It gets built not from slick commercials squeezed onto a Web page, but from tools that enable, and thus inspire, hundreds of thousands of people to something that American politics has not seen in many years: hundreds of thousands of people actually doing something.” This is the beauty of information via the Internet, and it’s very Postmodern. Dean’s campaign has empowered people to be a part of the process, and in the Age of Participation, this is critical. The idea of command and control is Modernist to the core, and whether Dean and Trippi ultimately succeed isn’t the point. They’ve broken the back of the political status quo, and anybody in the information business should be paying close attention.

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