The issue isn’t freedom; it’s time!

The issue isn’t freedom; it’s time!
The ad industry is meeting in New York today to discuss the state of TV advertising, but a study to be released at the gathering suggests that consumers have already moved past the issue. The study, by Knowledge Networks/SRI and reported in MediaDailyNews, shows that while consumers generally agree that watching ads is a fair price for free television, they don’t want to be the ones paying the price.

Asked about a host of features associated with new TV technologies, the vast majority of consumers — 74 percent — said they considered the ability to skip TV commercials the most important to them, and they’d even be willing to sacrifice the convenience of such services as video-on-demand, and the frugality of “free” TV to have that capability.

(David) Tice (director of the Home Technology Monitor at Knowledge Networks/SRI) said the findings reveal a disconnect between how industry players are looking at the TV advertising model and how consumers see it.

“The bottom line that consumers understand how the TV advertising model works. They don’t see it as their responsibility to make TV work the way it works today,” explained Tice.

This is an important piece of research for the advertising and television industries to consider as they look at the future. In a Postmodern world, consumers are fully in charge, and technology serves their need to manage their lives. As I have said often, time is the real issue with skipping commercials. I’ve heard lots of arguments about the quality and repetition of the ads, but the most important point is that people don’t have time to sit through an hour of commercial and promotional announcements in a typical 3‑hour prime time television viewing.

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