The Internet Weakens Authority

Here is the latest in the ongoing essay series Local Media in a Postmodern World.

The Internet Weakens Authority

The world in which we all grew up is changing dramatically and quickly. Uncertainty is the odd bedfellow of hope, and while many of us wait for some sort of “return” to normalcy, we’re instead running into a new definition of the term. “Normal,” it seems, depends on your point-of-view, and this is true far beyond media and journalism. One thing is certain: our culture is in the midst of a shift of eonic proportions, one that brings with it excitement or chills or, perhaps, both.

The Internet is what’s causing this, and we’re just beginning to understand how it will impact the future. I think it will change everything, and this essay is my attempt to discuss how. It’s my view of what’s behind the veil that hides tomorrow, and I hope it makes you think, if nothing else.

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