The hum has become a roar

Walker Smith offers a spot-on analysis in Media Magazine of what he calls the “white noise of modern life, a background hum people routinely ignore.” He’s talking about marketing, and it’s a healthy dose of reality in our changing media world.

Consumers are fighting intrusive marketing. Interestingly, though, growing marketing resistance is paralleled by greater marketing interest. Consumers aren’t resisting marketing because they dislike ads or shopping. In fact, they want more of each — as long as they’re driven by consumer pull, not marketing push. But that’s not how we’re trained. Intrusiveness is at the core of traditional marketing thinking.

This is why I talk about the online law of attraction and how it — not the traditional pushing of media — is the future path to profitability.

(Note: The language of this piece is awfully similar to what I wrote a year ago in my essay New Metrics and Principles. Hmm. Maybe that’s why it resonates so well.)

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