The genius of OhmyNews!

The genius of OhmyNews!
Dick Cheney’s visit to South Korea today comes amidst a huge political change taking place within our ally. The liberal Uri Party swept into power today in the National Assembly elections, ending 44 years of conservative rule in the country. What you’ll likely NOT read elsewhere is that this was largely accomplished through the steady efforts of a New Media entity that fought the conservative press in South Korea. OhmyNews! is an Internet-based media company that took on the giants and won in its bid for influence. In so doing, it has involved young people in the political process in record numbers and turned the whole culture on its ear. It’s a wake-up call for traditional media everywhere.

Here’s my essay, The Genius of OhmyNews!

Added: Bloomberg story on the elections.


  1. Interesting. Could you further expand on your comment about the link between Modernism and top-down control?

  2. Sure, David. Modernist institutions (pick any) all function in the same hierarchical manner. Power and control flow from the top downward. Whether it’s academia, government or business, somebody is in charge, who then delegates authority, etc. One can easily see a similar hierarchy in the premodern church, and that was one of the factors fueling the reformation, but there is something inherently human in such an organizational scheme, and even the reformation churches adopted a hierarchical government. Top-down is Modernist in my view, in that it represents rational and logical order. Where power flows from the top-down, control is centralized, be it the traditional family or whatever.

    Postmodernism, on the other hand, elevates chaos and sees limits in centralized control.

    I don’t know if that answers your question, but that’s the way I view it.

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