The Future is Now (Really!)

Here is the latest in my ongoing essay series, Local Media in a Postmodern World.

The Future is Now (Really!)

For those with eyes to see, the dawning of the Postmodern era is growing brighter as technological advances begin to reveal the vast cultural changes that lie ahead. Those of us in media must understand that the nature of the new era is horizontal, not hierarchical, which is essentially all we know. Mass media is the microphone addressing the masses from the top of the heap, and this is slowly, but surely, fading away. We simply cannot prepare for a prosperous tomorrow without accepting this truth today.

So from time to time, I write about the culture itself and the culture ahead, because the light from these glimpses can reveal much, if our minds are open and we are teachable.

I haven’t been publishing much lately, because I’m deeply immersed in an exciting new project. I can’t talk about it just yet, but I can promise that it will excite everybody who visits this little corner of the Web. Think future. Think local TV. Think the most creative thinkers today.


  1. terry,

    with a wink and a smile [ 😉 ] i’ll say that sounds an awful lot like a tease.

    hope your new project stays the f clear of that sort of thing.

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