The Four Opportunities of 2010

Each year for the past seven, I’ve gazed into the old crystal ball for what lies ahead in the coming New Year, and I like to think I’ve been more right that wrong in such prognostications. But prophecy is a dicey game, and I make no promises that my vision is any clearer than anybody else’s. That will be up to you.

I see four themes that will dominate local media next year — for those who are smart and in the know. We’re going to see more newsrooms becoming Web-centric. Media companies will increasingly get into the data business. Smart companies will elevate the brands of their employees — in some cases over their own — in the quest to find relevance in the world of personal media. And Mobile efforts will include those that enable commerce apart from our brands.

The Four Opportunities of 2010

And while I’m at it, let me repeat my pet peeve about our new millennium, because we have the chance to do something about it next year. It’s twenty-ten, not two-thousand-ten. It wasn’t one-thousand-nine-hundred-ninety-nine, and it never should’ve been “two thousand.” Sigh.

All the best from the team at AR&D. See you in the new year.


  1. Yes, but with a year like 2007, saying “twenty-seven” would not be correct, and saying “twenty-oh-seven” is just too awkward.

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