The father of the VJ movement

I’ve been very busy the past couple of days, and this fellow is one of the reasons why. Let me introduce you to Michael Rosenblum, father of the modern Video Journalist (VJ) movement. As those of you familiar with my work already know, Michael is transforming television news in Europe by equipping everybody in the newsroom with small digital cameras and laptop edit systems. He’s re-writing the whole architecture of a newsroom, and I’m a big fan.

I had the rare opportunity this morning to watch Michael in action as he told stories and had the room in stitches. He does a wonderful bit comparing a contemporary television news operation to a newspaper with 100 employees and only five pencils. I wish you could’ve been there.

Simply because he’s introducing something new, Michael has been vilified — usually by news photographers — in various news industry discussion boards, but I will tell you this. He has created the model that will be copied by everyone in the years ahead, and rather than reacting with disgust, you’d be well advised to pay attention. Contempt prior to investigation is a barrier to all progress, even in our business.

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