The Evolving User Paradigm

Here is the latest in my ongoing essay series, Local Media in a Postmodern World.

The Evolving User Paradigm

Media companies are in what feels like the relentless chase of a moving object, a greased pig contest with a lot at stake. Every time we catch up, the thing moves again. Technology, it would seem, cannot be tamed.

But what’s really going on has little to do with technology and much to do with people, for while people are using technology, they’re also learning, and as their understanding increases, they demand more. I call this “the evolving user paradigm:” the longer users use the Web, the greater the acceleration of the disruption they create.  I think it explains much, and it also gives us a tip in where to look for our next steps.

Enjoy and Happy Father’s Day to all you dads.


  1. Steve Mays says

    I’v been meaning to do this for the longest time.
    Just a word of thanks for your thoughtful, insightful posts on media.
    You remain one of my must-reads.

  2. Thanks, Steve. I appreciate that more than you realize.

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