The Emerging Impotency of Mass Marketing

Here’s the latest in my ongoing essay series, Local Media in a Postmodern World.

The Emerging Impotency of Mass Marketing

I’ve struggled over the last few days with publishing this essay. The suggestion that an institutionalized hegemony such as mass marketing could possibly be collapsing is, I’m sure, laughable to many, and while I’ll admit to a certain proclivity towards the provocative, I don’t wish to be considered a loon. There’s no question that advertising is in disruption, but the extent to which that disruption impacts commerce isn’t really understood. Mass marketing is based on certain (often inflated) assumptions that can no longer be trusted, so our faith in it can’t be more than paper thin. This impacts media vastly more than anything that’s disrupting media content, for it strikes at the very core of our business. Along with our emerging networked world comes the very real threat (to some, blessing to others) that the marketing of the old is becoming impotent and no longer able to “move the rocks” that it once did. This is a remarkable occurrence, and one that will be the source of curiosity and commentary for years to come.

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