The disruption just keeps on growing

Headlines from this morning:

Online Personal Broadcasting Firm Mogulus Gets $1.2 Million Angel Funding
Online Video Company Pitch Firm Gets Funding
Online Video Production Startup Black20 Gets Funding

These types of stories are coming fast and furious and pose the greatest threat to the broadcasting paradigm. Mark Cuban’s “laughable” statement (“the concept of internet video replacing TV is laughable”) fails to take into consideration the reality that the type of television viewed online isn’t the same as what’s available in the broadcast world.

Eyeballs are eyeballs (and we each only have two) and money is money.


  1. Cuban also fails to realized that television is no longer broadcast — it is cable and satellite video services. Or may be he does! Broadcast Television is dying, only the content producing stations have any chance of surviving the analog turnoff.

    Cuban’s video services are only available via cable or satellite, as are hundreds of other channels. Broadcast Networks have always been looking how to go direct to the viewer and would have gone sooner if they did not also own some of the local television stations they wanted to by-pass. More companies are thinking how to reach the eyeballs.

    Those with content have a chance.

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