The consumer dictate

That’s Cory Treffiletti’s latest term for describing the media shift from the supply side to the demand side.

The proof is all around…that successful media, and thus successful advertising, is all about what the consumer wants, when they want it, and how they want it.

The mass-market model is dwindling away because the ability to shift the time of your interaction with media means that the collective US is no longer on the same schedule. We follow our own individual paths and we own the relationship with media. Few and far between are the mass-market opportunities. The only ones left are the extremely high-profile events where media coverage necessitates exposure at the same time or risk the result of being spoiled. Events such as the SuperBowl and the Academy Awards are the only vestiges of mass media that will survive in the coming years. Can even these continue to succeed? Will appointment use of media go away completely?

This is an excellent piece from a guy who really understands what’s happening in the marketplace.

Remember that Postmodernism is all about personal experience. Modernists view it as self-centeredness, but I don’t think Pomos are anymore self-centered than the next guy. The consumer dictate, as Cory calls it, is a natural extension of that. That’s a tough pill to swallow when your whole view is top-to-bottom, mass market oriented.

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