The benefits of apartment living

To the neighbor whose WiFi I’m currently stealing, I’d gladly pay you, if I knew who you were. My DSL line won’t be in until next week, and, well, you’re probably at work anyway.


  1. It’s not stealing, Terry. If they aren’t willing to set up their security key, it’s their problem, not yours!

  2. I’ve done this in a couple of places now, including what looked like a very substantial corporate network.

    I even checked My network Places and I could see the machine. I was half trempted to see if the folder was unsecured as well so I could leave them a thank you message.

    Of course, when we are all FONers it wont matter. Till then, keep using those commons.

  3. Terry,

    I missed the documentary. I will try to catch it in a re-run. I so agree that I was privledged to live during Uncle Walter’s era and in that era of broadcasting in general. I miss just seeing “the news,” and nothing more. That is also why I always admired the BBC in the day when you would hear, “And now the news, read by…” No slant, no hype, no gratuitous graphics thrown up all over the screen. Even CNN Headline news has surrendered from just “the news,” and has gone to glitz and blitz newscasting. Sad, really sad.

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