The bandwidth bugaboo bites

Steve Safran of Lost Remote has issued an appeal to the blogosphere to provide financial assistance to blogs that are hosting Tsunami videos for all to see. The appeal is for funds to offset significant bandwidth spikes caused by streaming the numerous amateur videos of the disaster. One example is Bill over at PunditGuy, a blog that’s been overwhelmed by users wanting to see the videos:

HELP!!! — I’ve been hit very hard on bandwidth usage fees due to the popularity of the Tsunami videos I was hosting. My only goal was to show them so people could get a sense for the enormity of the disaster and desire to give to a charity of their choice. Now, I need help. The bill is more than I can afford. If you feel so inclined, would you please consider sending me a donation? If you donate, I’ll give 50% of whatever you send me to the Red Cross in care of the victims in Southeast Asia. Simply hit the PayPal button below. Thank you!!!
The cost of bandwidth is a turd in the punchbowl of the happy Internet streaming party. I’ll be writing much more about this in the days ahead.

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