The Ammunition Business

Here is the latest essay in my on-going series, TV News in a Postmodern World. The piece examines a powerful analogy from Gordon Borrell of Borrell Associates Inc.

“The deer now have guns,” he says, referring to the fact that our audiences are now in a form of the media business themselves. And what do you do when the deer have guns? “You get into the ammunition business.”

I cannot possibly overstate the wisdom of this concept, and I hope I’ve done it justice in this essay.

The Ammunition Business


  1. great stuff as always, terry.

  2. hmmm…the deer might have guns, but they might not know how to shoot straight. Perhaps we need folks to teach them how to use their new tools–then they just might not be “deer” anymore.

    just a thought.…

  3. Terry, I blogged about your post today — found it through Doc Searl’s blog. You are right on. And it is so very counter to what media is used to doing…it will be an huge effort to turn the big media ship around.

  4. Tish, that’s an excellent thought and one that a couple of people I know are pursuing. I’ve told every university that invites me to speak that video production courses will one day be a part of basic curriculum. Either that, or somebody else will do it for them. Let’s hope it’s not our “technical” schools. 🙂

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