Thank you, iPodder

Here’s a little gem of knowledge for those who have ears to hear. I downloaded iPodder the other day, because I’m helping a client with Podcasting. For the uneducated, the iPodder software allows seamless downloads of subscribed Podcasts and will even place them into the memory of your faithful iPod.

The download process is fairly typical of downloading any software, with one tiny — almost unnoticeable — exception: the option to add an executable file to your “quick launch” menu is “opt in” instead of the usual “opt out.” The little box wasn’t already checked. It was empty, meaning I was “invited” to add it to quick launch instead of being forced to un-check the box and opt out. This is what happens when people who really understand the Web get involved in the processes heretofore owned by the mass marketers of the world.

This seemingly innocuous little thing speaks volumes about the new world. As noted earlier this week, Richard Tobaccowala asks the question “How will you engage God” in an environment where the consumer IS God? Answer: you ask permission first.

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