Ten Questions with Mike James

For nearly ten years, Mike James has been a burr in the saddle of television owners and managers through his daily “NewsBlues” website. Mike took some time out of his schedule to answer ten questions for me recently. Here’s one:

Regardless of your persona, you’ve been leaning back and observing television for many years. What are your thoughts about what’s happened to the business?

Someone needs to clean the kitchen, discard the spoiled meat and rancid vegetables, scour the cupboard, expel the vermin, hose down the joint, and chug a big jolt of reality. TV news has lost its way. Forget the excuses. No one cares that your bosses are asking you to fill more time with fewer resources. The business is contaminated. The content is fetid and foul, shallow and pointless. Get a job selling time share. Drive a bus in Reno. Do anything but continue foisting polluted, noxious news feces on the superficial American public.

Love him or hate him, the guy is provocative, to say the least. Here’s the rest. Enjoy.

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