Taking issue with Tim Hanlon

David Card and Gary Stein of JupiterResearch have both linked to my Interview yesterday with Starcom’s Tim Hanlon about the future of television advertising. Stein notes that the piece contains juicy quotes for PowerPoint presentations and is especially fond of the idea of advertisers using the Internet as a “proving ground” for concepts.

Card, on the other hand, takes issue with Hanlon and defends the broadcast reach/frequency model.

…Hanlon fails to acknowledge that, as audiences fragment and absolute reach per program or network declines, relative reach will continue command a premium…And, if Hanlon’s so smart, why is Starcom still buying media based on GRPs?
This is an interesting discussion and one I hope will continue. For the record, I don’t think Hanlon (and certainly not this reporter) is suggesting online will replace broadcast, per se. But regardless of the “relative” the reach of the broadcast model, in the end, it simply cannot compete with the precision that online offers. And since the two are slowly (but surely) merging — and Video Over IP is the rising sun on the horizon — Hanlon is absolutely correct in suggesting advertisers need to be learning all they can about that precision.

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