For those who’ve missed my squirrels

I moved awhile back, so my porch squirrels are history. But that doesn’t mean the little buggers aren’t still a part of my life. Here’s what happened this afternoon in my backyard. I apologize for the crappy camera work. I’m SUCH an amateur.

The key to my home.

Look here for fat squirrels

A lot of people ask me how my squirrels are doing, so here’s an update. For those who don’t know, I’ve been feeding the squirrels who live outside my apartment in Grapevine, Texas, since I moved here in August. My office overlooks the balcony, from which I’ve built a bridge to nearby trees. Every squirrel for miles around knows to come here by now, and they go through so many peanuts that I’ve had to start buying them in bulk.

Well, corn and peanut fed squirrels can get a little, ah, husky, so I thought you’d enjoy a little photo montage. Of course, they could just be getting ready for winter, or maybe that’s the same thing as being well-fed. I only wish you could see these fatties fly around the trees. The branches do bend just a bit now.

(click to embiggen)