Find me—the “paperboy route” has changed

Self-confessed news junkie Mrinal Desai offers a fascinating glimpse into his world in a guest post for TechCrunch. Recommended reading for media types who think they’re doing enough to get the word out. Here’s my favorite:

The only screen I care about:

  • well written analysis
  • Unique and timely content/information
  • Thought provoking story telling
  • “Connection” with the writer—literally or figuratively from a style perspective
  • Delivery channel. Find me—the “paperboy route” has changed

I love the paperboy route meme and what it says in terms of challenging media companies. It’s not just about multiple channels — it’s very much about what goes into those channels, and that’s something new. Mr. Desai may be an extreme news consumer, but people like him are helping clarify the best ways to deliver news in a hyperconnected world. Note, too, that for him, it’s not just about consumption; it’s very much about passing along as well.