Me and my Mango Kool-Aid

Mango Kool-Aid

I’m set for a year!

Every once in awhile, things happen in my life that remind me of the incredible wonder of our networked world. In observing and writing about these things, it’s easy to begin to take this new world for granted, and I don’t want ever to do that. So let me tell you the little story of my passion for Mango Kool-Aid.

When I was a boy, my mother would “spike” the Kool-Aid with Canada Dry Ginger Ale, and I’ve carried that on all my adult life. My favorite was the green Kool-Aid, which I used to call, appropriately, “Green Stuff.” A few years ago, I discovered the wonderful flavor of Mango, and began making my concoction with Mango Kool-Aid. Then, the people at Kraft did something totally unexpected; they stopped making Mango Kool-Aid. Oh no! In some stores, you can buy “Peach-Mango,” but who wants that when you’re a Mango purist like me?

I found a store last summer that had a close-out, so I bought all they had, but those ran out last week. I went back to Green Stuff, but, alas, my heart belongs to Mango. I had the thought a few days ago to see if anybody might be selling Mango Kool-Aid via Amazon. Sure enough, there was SweetDeals4U with 4 boxes of 48-count Mango — PURE Mango — Kool-Aid.

I scooped them up, and they arrived today from North Brunswick, New Jersey.

I am a very happy camper. Years from now, this kind of thing will be second nature in the postmodern world of the Great Horizontal, and everybody will take it for granted. Me? Never. It’s a wonder, this thing we have created. Let’s not lose sight of that as we argue, bicker and scream about what’s needed to protect it.