As businesses embrace the personal media revolution…

When my buddy J.D. Lasica first coined the phrase “personal media revolution” in his book “Darknet, Hollywood’s War Against The Digital Generation,” I“m not sure he (or anybody) fully understood the depth of this disruption to media. I have been writing for years that the PMR is the real disruptive force for media companies, not multiple platforms or the commodification of news. Why? Because anybody can be a media company today, including the people formerly known as the advertisers.

Shakira's new album

Shakira’s new album

Now comes word of a further development in this that bears note today. The pop star Shakira is introducing her new music video Give It Up To Me tomorrow via her Facebook account. She’s using a technology called Ustream to “broadcast” the debut at noon Pacific Time. She’s not the first, but she’s probably the biggest. Chamillionaire debuted his new single Good Morning last Tuesday.

Why is this significant? Because it undercuts and weakens the role that big media companies like MTV have played in the past in the introduction of music to the masses and puts the control directly in the hands of the artist and his or her record company. The loss of media’s role as filter to the masses is the biggest threat to a business model that’s based on such clout, and this is all something completely new.

This kind of thing is happening all over the place in various forms, and J.D.‘s “revolution” is in full bloom. I think it has profound consequences for our culture, because it’s the institutions of power that are being ravaged by technology. I’m very excited by what the future holds in this light, but I doubt the status quo is too happy.

If we can just keep the lawyers at bay a little while longer…