Jerusalem Violence: Why the West Doesn’t Care

Hundreds wounded in weekend of East Jerusalem violence | The Japan Times

When examining the roots of the right-wing Christian uprising in the West, observers tend to deliberately avoid the truth that Israel’s resurrection in the Middle East started it all. This is crucial to understanding the religious delusions presented as facts in the region. These fallacies are then presented to whip believers up into a frenzy over modern times and the return of Christ to the Earth. Make no mistake: without Israel, we would not have found ourselves in the predicament of the January 6, 2021 insurrection.

What can possibly make Christians give up their loyalty to Jesus and become political pawns for the GOP? That would be a fallacious faith over what they believe are urgent cues about Jesus’ imminent return to judge humanity, both dead and alive. This means they’re living lives of expectation with eyes fixed on their “reward” of salvation. Cut away all of the social and foreign policy issues that the Christian Right votes for, and they’d still be supporting Israel and the return of their Savior as justification for clinging to a group of manipulators that they’ve been told to support.

Here are the hopeful lyrics from the bluegrass gospel tune “Any Day Now” by Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver:

Just any day now our Lord is coming
He’ll be returning for you and me
Oh I’ve been watching and I’ve been waiting
Just any day now His face I’ll see

This is the anticipation manifested among certain Christian sects, and it’s a powerful motivator for political action.

This was reflected in the very first sentence of the Mission Statement of the Christian Broadcasting Network:

“The mission of CBN and its affiliated organizations is to prepare the United States of America, the nations of the Middle East, the Far East, South America, and other selected nations of the world for the coming of Jesus Christ and the establishment of the Kingdom of God on earth.”

Mission Statement of CBN, circa 1980.

This could not have been anybody’s successful business strategy in the late 20th Century without the history of what now stands as the nation of Israel on land shared by Palestinians and Jews for centuries prior to modern times. Israel was given status among Western evangelists as a verifiable sign from God that the return of Jesus was imminent.

Remember that Jesus, according to their faith, comes back via Israel and Armageddon, so Israel NEEDS to be there in order for the evangelical message to seem real and relevant. It’s a big part of why we give Israel $10 million-a-day (holidays and weekends included) in “defensive” weaponry and other needs. It’s also why we perpetuate the myth that somehow Israel is the victim in the region. The reality is that Israel (with the U.S.) is the disruptive source in the Middle East, not the Arabs. Israel’s Zionist government constantly rails against the “existential threat” of murdering Arabs who want only to kill all the Jews in the area. This is a necessary position in the perpetuation of murder, maiming, harassment, intimidation, land and building seizures, property destruction, and the steady dehumanization of the Palestinian people through tactics designed to accomplish exactly that.

However, many believers refuse to look at this as Biblical prophecy fulfilled, because, well, it isn’t. Today’s version of the Jewish State is was engineered by people in the wake of the Holocaust, the systematic murder of Jews by the Nazis surrounding World War II. The Holocaust was Hitler’s “final solution” for the Jews. This implies a problem that needed solving, and that problem — known throughout Europe historically as “The Jewish Question” — was the Jews’ refusal to fully assimilate themselves into the cultures of their host countries in Europe. At the turn of the 20th Century, leadership of prominent countries had begun to seriously conceive of a Jewish homeland in Palestine. When it finally happened in 1948, smart Christian evangelists began to claim that this was “restoration” of Israel according to “everlasting” promises made to Abraham about the property. If this was the case, the thinking went, then it means that Jesus’ return was VERY near, because prophecies about that return were validated in their minds, because they claim that Jesus will return in the Holy Land, specifically Jerusalem. This is important, for these believers are easily convinced that Israel was permanently set aside for those with Jewish roots, among which they included themselves. This gave Christian evangelists a tool to use in preaching their message of “get things right, because Jesus is coming soon.” Of course, getting things right began with church attendance, tithes, and offerings, which catapulted prominent evangelists to positions of power, fame, and extraordinary wealth.

Moreover, the establishment of a Jewish homeland in Palestine hasn’t done a thing to resolve the original “Jewish Question,” because the bulk of the Jews living in foreign lands are still right where they were. Other geo-political and business reasons now justify Israel beyond the faith of these Christians end-timers.

My views here are supported by my understanding as Executive Producer of The 700 Club in the early and mid 1980s. Israel and Israel’s future was one of the tap roots of not only The Christian Broadcasting Network, but other prominent big Christian ministries. The reality that this has gone virtually unnoticed by the press in covering events in the Middle East and even back home is a sinister form of ignorance, in part, because wealthy media owners, many among them of Jewish heritage and faith, want it that way.

Nobody publicly challenges this, because Jews claim the role of sole arbiter in determining who wears the dreaded outcast label of “antisemite.” Hence, the overwhelming majority of U.S. citizens avoid Middle Eastern violence or explanations other than what comes from the Israeli propaganda machine, hasbara. Exaggerations about the “miracle” of the 1967 war with its Arab neighbors have fueled it, because in war, the victors get to write the history (or at least they used to have that privilege before the internet). Israel was the smart aggressor, while the Arab armies were sitting ducks. How do you remove an existential threat? By attacking it before it can attack you.

So, if this view of a nearly sacred Israel is what’s behind all of the mischief of today, what’s to come? The answer is easy, if you follow end-times prophecies and Christian extremism. What comes next is that Jesus is supposed to come back via a rebuilt Solomon’s Temple, and what stands in the way of that today? The Al-Aqsa Mosque, which was built right on top of what’s known as the Temple Mount. Hard-line Israel right-wingers would love nothing more than to tear down the Mosque and build the new Temple, and here’s the thing. Christian groups would love it, too, so it’s easy to look the other way when Palestinian worshippers at the Mosque are ousted and even killed. Many actually believe that this is “God’s plan” for the whole region, and this is a difficult nut to crack when religious “saints” are busy telling them that they must pray for (the peace of) Jerusalem. In this view, a narrative that includes the sacrifice of any number of Palestinians is simply God doing His thing.

At the rate we’re going, this is quite likely to become reality within just a few years. Think about that. And, all because a group of religious fundamentalists want so badly for it all to be real that they’re willing to subjugate their own minds to fallacy in the name of supporting some of the most blood-thirsty and violent human beings in all of history.