Suitable for older children

Several friends have written to ask if the Palmer’s Meadow fables are suitable for their children. They’re not children’s books in the traditional sense, because the prose is somewhat lofty at times, and the themes are adult: self-searching, racism, violence, self-pity, and so forth.

However, I think they’re not only appropriate for older children who like to read, I think they teach valuable lessons that such children can take with them as they grow. Anybody who’s capable, for example, of reading the Narnia series would enjoy the Palmer’s Meadow fables. So let that be your guide.

If you want to know more about the books, read the author interview. For example, they are not Christian books, per se, but they’re not “unChristian” books either, and I can’t imagine they would interfere with any family’s attempts to teach their own faith. On the contrary, the teachings here are so universal that they would support and undergird individual religious beliefs.

So if you’re thinking of unique gifts for your older kids, put these books on your list.

My name is Terry Heaton, and I approve this message.

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